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Double-layer stretch film making machine (casting film extruder)

Double-layer stretch film making machine (casting film extruder)

double-layer stretch film making machine (casting film extruder)


This machine uses LDPE and LLDPE to produce casting stretch film, which widely used in packing area for buliding material,auto parts,hardware parts etc.



Automatic stretch film co-extruder with following features:two screws, low noise,stable running,especially winding parts is comtrolled by PLC program.The machine is equipped with extruder,traction part,leveling part,edge trimming,winding and finished roll automatic changing etc.


Main Technical Parameters

Model 65*2-1000 80/60-1000B
Screw diameter 65mm/65mm 80mm/60mm
L/D 30:1 30:1
T-dle width 1250mm 1250mm
Finished film width 1000mm(500*2 rolls) 1000mm(500*2 rolls)
Max. Line Speed 130m/min 130m/min
Finished film thickness 0.01-0.05mm 0.01-0.05mm
Max. extrusion output 100kh/h 120kg/h
Main motor power 22kw*2 30kw/18.5kw
Heating power 64kw 66kw
Air consumption 0.8m3/min 0.8m3/min
Water consumption 0.5m3/min 0.5m3/min
Total power 104kw 120kw
Power supply 380/3/4/50(Volt/Ph/Line/Hz) 380/3/4/50(Volt/Ph/Line/Hz)
Overall dimension 8400mm*4300mm*2400mm 8700mm*4300mm*2400mm