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PE WPC profile extrusion machine

PE WPC profile extrusion machine

PE WPC profile extrusion machine

WPC profile extrusion machine is professionally for the PE wood plastic column,floor making .


The wood plastic composite extrusion machine is used for profile wood column making , the wood plastic column have the characteristic of  strong toughness,  water-proof,fireproofing ,etc.  which widely used in Park,garden,seabeach, outdoor landscape,etc.


Characteristics for WPC :

1.High environmental ,recyclable.

2.Waterproof,moistureproof ,insect prevention.

3. Well flexible capacity .

4. Strong flame-retardant 

 5. No cracking, no expansion

6. Easy installation,easy clerance .




The wood plastic composite extrusion machine line include the device

1. Double screw extruer  2. Vacuum setting table 3. Auto cutting machine 4. material tumbling frame 5 .Spring feeder 6.crusher , 7. mixer



Main technical parameter of extruder :

Screw diameter:             65/1320mm

Screw material:              Bimetallic 38CrMoAIA, special design for WPC

Screw rotation speed:     1-36.9rpm

Max extruding output      250kg/h

Motor power                   37KW

Heating                          4 zone,Aluminium heater + stainless cover + air fan

Transmission device:       20CrMoTi ,hardeen teeth, horizontal type

Feeding systym:              Rationing feeding with inverter

Vacuum exhausting :       0-0.75mpa,  2.2kw

Electric                           ABB inverter ,Schneider contactor